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Thank you again soooo much for our event on Saturday! I have heard so many great things from the ladies that attended and those that were out of town have asked if we can do it again so they can come! It was a HUGE HIT! So just know, we will be doing it again this year sometime.

Thank you soooo much! You are awesome! -Stephanie    Feb. 18, 2019


Eddie and I love painting with you! It's great time for us to be together and creating! Thank you so much for sharing your gift!  - Sarah      March 8, 2019

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I brought my daughter to the dragon's eye paint event last week (I was the non-painter). She had a wonderful time! This is the third time I've participated in one of your events. I appreciate your laid-back teaching style and how you work with each participant to make sure they're happy with their product. My daughter loves her painting. We'll definitely be doing this again!

April N.      March 13, 2019


This is the second painting that I have done with you.  My first time I was very nervous but ended up with a really nice painting which I framed and is hanging on the wall.


The second painting I was a bit disappointed because my sky didn't look as nice as yours.  However, I have a beautiful frame on it which picks up the colors of the sky and it looks really lovely.  I am sure my son is going to love it when I give it to him next month.  If it wasn't a picture of his dog then I would keep it myself and hang it on the wall.

I enjoy my time with you and I enjoy the end result.  I can't wait to do more paintings soon.  


For a person who was told in school that if I choose to do art my art teacher would resign because I was that bad, I don't think I'm doing too badly!

Claire   March 25, 2019


My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our paint night experience w/you.  The next day we each mailed our treasured paintings to our respective homes...and because we were so proud of our paintings, we have hung them in our homes.  We both have such fond memories of the paint night in addition to something tangible to show for it!

You were patient and encouraging as you guided us through our painting experience.  It was fun. Thanks, very much Susanne.  All the best as you continue organizing paint experiences!

- Anita   March 26, 2019


Susanne, I had a lovely and fun time with my daughter as we painted the Sanctuario.  It was perfectly paced.  Good solid instruction and demo and then plenty of time to eat, drink, and be merrily creative.  Your assistant was wonderful and had an uncanny sense of when to bring fresh water to paint with.  Not her "first rodeo", huh?

I live in Albuquerque, so getting up to Los Alamos (where the daughter lives) is a commitment for sure.  I think that's fine, though.  Do I have any suggestions?  I think you've covered most things.  Like, next time, I may want to use a blank canvas and create my own dimensions and scale.  I liked, and disliked, how we pretty much all created the same thing. I realize that lots of folks need more guidance than others, but next time I'm going to give things my own style.  

Susanne, you're a great teacher and hostess.  I will definitely do another LA experience. 

Thank you for your hard work.

- Kitty  May 9, 2019


It was definitely a lot of fun. I would like to do it again some time. As a beginning painter, it is good that all the supplies are furnished, and some help is available if you get in a tight spot. I loved the subject matter (El Santuario). The only thing is, I would like a bit more time. I felt rushed getting it finished, although that may be my own perfectionistic tendencies at play. All in all a very good time, reasonably priced. Thank you for hosting this, lets do it again.

- Julie   May 14, 2019


I definitely enjoyed. I don’t usually do the paint nights but I had to paint the red truck. My father in law passed away last year and this kind of truck became a symbol of his life.   Now I can share it with the family. Thank you for offering a wide variety of painting designs. 

Much appreciated, Lisa -Jo   June 23 2019


My mother, grandmother and I thoroughly enjoyed our painting experience! I appreciated how open you were to us deviating from the original example.  Thanks for all of your help!

- Keanna   June 10,2019

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We had a super fun time! Great "Date Night" activity!   - Melissa   September 14, 2019

Rooster Event 3.JPG

I love the painting classes! I am taking the rooster to Germany and should get a picture with the rooster and my father and get it to you.

I have two small square ones (adobe house and sea side) and I am to get four for a particular wall. (but I still love my aspen the most)

So you will see me again!  Thanks for the painting classes ... they make me happy (and a bit proud).  - Anita  September 14, 2019


I loved the Dia de Los Muertos painting event! It was great.   - Tina  November 5, 2019

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