About the Artist / Entrepreneur

I am letting my passion shine and I understand both me and my works are important.


Who I am and what I do as an artist is vital.


I am helping kids and adults take a break from harsh realities of life and providing them with joy for the moment, a few hours, or the day.

                                                                -Susanne Harrison


Susanne moved to New Mexico in 2008 and settled in Los Alamos in 2009.  There, she took a leap and started her own small business titled the Los Alamos Canvas Events.  She likes to think of the canvas events as mini getaway.  People who don't know how, people who haven't painted in a while, and even people who do know how can can let go of day to day issues for a couple of hours and focus only on creating something fun with paint.  All the art supplies are set out and even the image is sketched on the canvas so you don't need to worry about drawing.  All you need to do is mix your colors and paint.

Susanne has been teaching both adults and children how to use art materials to create their own masterpieces since graduating from the University of Rhode Island with her Fine Arts degree in 2000.  She loves using the art skills she's developed working as a professional independent artist to initiate unique painting experiences for others.

Susanne has consistantly used her creativity to overcome adverse life situations.  How?  By creating and sharing works of art. ♥ 

Favorite Quote:  "Creativity is contagious, pass it on."  - Albert Einstein